Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 9: Why do we provide Care Management?

ACA has released Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 9 for our affiliate network.

Read CEO Jay Nagy’s message below:

Keeping Perspective: Why do we provide Care Management?

Why do we do what we do in this field? What is the purpose of it all? The work requires a lot of us as people, so what drives us to invest ourselves in our jobs? 

These are provocative questions with many answers. I choose to answer them from the perspective of the people we support and their families: we do it to ensure that people have what they need to enjoy the lives they choose—and the lives they deserve! If the roles were reversed, we would want nothing less for ourselves and our loved ones. This reflects a principle that many of us were taught growing up: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The brief video above from Open Future Learning reinforces the idea with their typical humor.

The process of building a Life Plan for someone involves assessing needs, coordinating services, and then ensuring they’re delivered in a high-quality and timely manner. But are “services” really what someone experiencing a disability wants? Are they simply customers shopping for a product? The answer, of course, is a resounding “NO!” The services, supports, and programs are a means and not an end.

In every role within ACA, we should internalize, embrace, and keep this message top-of-mind. Yes, when someone calls to enroll in a program, they are literally asking for services. However, we should view these services in the larger context of helping people achieve the same things we all want in life. If someone calls their Care Manager to change the plan or find a new program, we shouldn’t just start processing the paperwork. We should take the time to ask why and assess the best course of action based on what they say. When we are auditing notes and records in Quality Assurance, we are not merely doing it to keep ACA in compliance—we are ensuring that documentation is accurate so we can be certain that people are actually getting what they need. 

We use labels like “enrollee” and “employee” to differentiate roles, but all of us are part of a community with one common mission: to help people lead more enriching lives.

—Jay Nagy, CEO