Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 5: Six Weeks of Progress

ACA has released Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 5 for our affiliate network. 

Read CEO Jay Nagy’s message below, reflecting on the past six weeks:

We are now six weeks in and CCO Care Management is a work in progress that is steadily advancing every day. As of the second week of August, over 70% of affiliated agencies have received at least one payment for the services rendered in July. Under MSC, this would have only been reimbursed in late August/early September. Almost every organization has documented activities in MediSked and training events have been very well-attended by a highly engaged and committed Care Management workforce.

On top of these extremely positive signs, there remain significant hurdles. Many are without CHOICES access, impacting the ability to conduct intake or update DDP2s and other OPWDD records. MediSked faces issues with basic functionality and critical reporting features are not yet available to our affiliates due to security requirements. Perhaps even more challenging is the fluid movement of members between tiers each month, with those designated as Tier 4 facing the potential of an unwanted change in Care Manager due to the caseload cap—even if they are not part of the Willowbrook class. Despite these challenges, the 7 CCOs are united and are actively coordinating to get these issues resolved expeditiously.

While the positive aspects are encouraging, we will not rest until these challenges are overcome. Each hurdle is a test of the resiliency of this new coordination model and the people whose hard work is bringing it to life.We are humbled by the responsibility NYS has placed on us to lead the way, identify solutions, and advocate for our affiliates and the 25,000+ people looking to us for support. As always, we thank you for your partnership in this enormous undertaking.

— Jay Nagy, CEO