Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 6: On Fostering Meaningful Relationships

ACA has released Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 6 for our affiliate network. 

Check out CEO Jay Nagy’s message below:

On Fostering Meaningful Relationships

In addition to practical information like announcements and advisories, we want to use this space to share stories and ideas as part of building a common language and framework for Care Management across ACANY.

In the short video above, David Pitonyak quotes Beth Mount: "Loneliness is the only real disability.” In fact, loneliness is increasingly being recognized as a public health hazard, especially among the elderly.

The factors that contribute to loneliness among the elderly are similar for people who experience disabilities. The need for us to "do better" is compelling in both cases. Do you remember the last time you asked someone you support about their friends and other relationships? Was it at their last planning meeting, or is it something you talk about on a regular basis? How many times does their ISP/Life Plan mention relationships?

One of the most provocative ideas in the video is that all the work we do–all the supports you coordinate for people–should be focused on developing meaningful and enduring relationships. Ensuring material needs like food and a home of one's own is important, but having people you can trust and cherish is the difference between having a life and just living.

—Jay Nagy, CEO