Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 10: Building a Culture of Presence & Active Listening

ACA has released Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 10 for our affiliate network. 

Read CEO Jay Nagy’s message below:

Building a Culture of Presence & Active Listening

When someone is speaking to you, how often does your mind start to wander? Maybe you check something on your phone. Maybe something catches your eye. Maybe you start worrying about a challenge you’re facing. How often has it happened on a phone call? In a meeting? In front of a family and/or person supported by ACANY? In front of someone else important to you in your life?

In the past bulletins, we've shared many ideas about the values and the philosophy we’re instilling in the culture of ACANY. At a more essential level, providing Care Management in an individualized/person-centered way starts with the basics: listening and practicing being present. This point is illustrated well in the video above from Open Future Learning.

In order to fully assess the supports a person and their family need and to develop a meaningful plan, we need to begin by listening carefully to their story and what they have to say. We must listen actively and appreciatively. 

This is a constant struggle for all of us. We all need to challenge ourselves to do better—to be even more present and purposeful in everything we do.

—Jay Nagy, CEO