Our Core Services

ACA has been organized to help coordinate a person-centered system of care through our network of agencies. Our services are provided by experienced and committed professionals, as listed below:

Comprehensive Care Management

A team of professionals works with you to make choices about your life, identifies the services and supports you will need to achieve your goals, and arranges for you to receive the services you select. All of this is documented in an individualized Life Plan

Health & Wellness Promotion

Our wide network of experienced, caring medical and specialty care providers offer high-quality medical, behavioral health and wellness services so that you can enjoy good health.

Comprehensive Transitional Care

We offer support for all types of life transitions, like moving between residential settings and aging out of school into adult services. This also includes helping someone return home as safely as possible after an Emergency Room visit or stay in a hospital or other health care facility.

Individual & Family Support

Highly trained Care Managers help you learn about and access a full range of services and supports, as well as connect you with peer supports and other resources. They show you how to access your Life Plan, view it in a language you understand, and make changes based on your preferences.

Referral to Community & Social Services

Our staff connects you to all resources available through Medicaid as well as other funding sources. ACANY maintains a directory of faith-based and other not-for-profit programs as well as local municipal and county resources.

Enhanced Use of Health Information Technology

ACANY and all CCOs in New York use a shared Care Management platform called MediSked, which is connected to other health information technology systems across the state. These include Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), as well as DOH and OPWDD-sponsored systems. This system makes it easier to coordinate with the broad range of providers selected in your Life Plan.