How We Care for You

ACA has been organized to help coordinate a person-centered system of care through our network of agencies. In the future, our services—provided by trained, experienced and committed professionals—will include:

Person-Centered Planning and Care Coordination

A team of professionals will work with you to make choices about your life, identify the services and supports you will need to achieve your goals, and arrange for you to receive the services you select. 

Medical, Health, and Wellness Services

A wide network of experienced, caring medical and specialty care providers will offer you high-quality medical, behavioral health care, and wellness services so that you can enjoy good health.

Housing Services

We will help you design and find the services you need to live in the home of your choice and actively engage in community life.

Employment Supports

We provide an extensive network of services to help you find successful employment opportunities.

Day/Meaningful Activities

You can select an array of programs and services to help you perform volunteer work, participate in creative and social activities, and learn work-related skills.

Self-Directed Services

The authority to manage your own budget and hire your own staff, with our assistance when you want it, lies with you.