ACA Urgent Care Program


ACA is operating an Urgent Care Program in order to provide accessible, after-hours urgent care to people with I/DD. When an urgent health care situation comes up, people with I/DD living in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, or Nassau or Suffolk Counties who enroll in the program will be able to call a number at any time, 24/7, and get assistance from a trained nurse who specializes in treating patients with I/DD. As appropriate, the nurse will able to provide patients or their caregivers with home care instructions, arrange for urgent care or primary care provider appointments, send transportation and escorts for appointments, or send one of ACA's Urgent Care Teams of registered nurses, social workers, and nurse practitioners to provide immediate help in the home. Individuals with complex health care needs may also be eligible to have telehealth monitoring equipment installed for daily monitoring of vital signs. Please note that receiving our services will not affect the availability of any services currently being received by a person with I/DD and that there is no cost to the person or the agency

Through this program, ACA will provide people with I/DD with more access to specialty care, both physical and behavioral, while simultaneously reducing the number of unnecessary hospitalizations of people with I/DD. ACA also works with its partner, EmblemHealth, to offer urgent care appointments through Emblem's AdvantageCare Physicians network.

To receive services, the individual (or an authorized representative) must complete enrollment and consent forms, with the assistance of Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC), resident directors, day program directors, and/or other staff members. Currently there is no deadline for submitting enrollments. Enrollment will continue on a rolling basis until we have enrolled 2,000 participants. 

Information for Families

Find more information about the program in this family flyer and in our letter to families:

For other commonly asked questions, please consult this FAQ document. Additionally, please feel free to contact us with questions at any time. 


ACA is publishing a newsletter with news and updates on the progress of the Urgent Care Program. All editions of the newsletter are available in the links below.

March 2017
June 2016
January 2016
Fall 2015
Summer 2015
June 2015

Telemedicine Flyers

ACA Urgent Care Program Videos

Individuals with I/DD or their families interested in joining the ACA Urgent Care Program should watch the video below to learn more about the program. A video directed towards staff is also available here.

Webinar for Agency Staff Performing Enrollment

Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC) and other agency staff who are enrolling individuals into the Urgent Care Program should view this presentation (also available in PowerPoint format here) for information on the structure of the program and updates on its progress. 

ACA Urgent Care Enrollment Packet

For MSC staff and others participating in enrollment activities, the enrollment packet for the Urgent Care program may be accessed here.

Note: This program is being funded through a $5 million grant that ACA has received from the New York State Department of Health's Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) Innovation Fund.