Governor Cuomo Releases Olmstead Implementation Plan

On October 10th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released the Report and Recommendations of the Olmstead Cabinet. The Olmstead Cabinet was charged with developing a plan consistent with New York’s obligations under the United States Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C.,527 U.S. 581 (1999) (Olmstead). Olmstead held that the state’s services, programs, and activities for people with disabilities must be administered in the most integrated setting appropriate to a person’s needs.

To examine New York’s compliance with Olmstead, the Olmstead Cabinet employed a broad and inclusive process. The Olmstead Cabinet received public comment through four public forums and through a dedicated page on the Governor’s website. The cabinet met with over 160 stakeholder organizations and received over 100 position papers. Hundreds of state agency personnel across a dozen agencies providing services to people with disabilities participated in multiple discussions and provided data regarding New York’s service systems for people with disabilities.

The report can be found here.